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6 February 2017

10 Reasons to Be Excited for the BERC Energy Summit (Feb. 23-24)

The 11th annual BERC Energy Summit is on Thursday and Friday, February 23rd and 24th and I cannot wait! Each year, BERC brings together 600 people from across academia, cleantech, the public sector, and more to connect about energy issues at our flagship conference. Under this year’s theme, The Path Forward: Building our Energy Future […]

19 January 2017

Tomorrow’s Energy Leaders Call for Leadership From Trump Today

BERC has joined a coalition of student energy clubs from across the country in urging the Trump administration to demonstrate leadership on clean energy, and promote support for an industry critical to future American prosperity. In an open letter addressed directly to President-Elect Trump, student leaders highlight the continued and burgeoning success of the clean energy industry, its importance to American infrastructure […]

17 November 2016

Today is BigGive! Support BERC by making a donation

Every small contribution counts! Help BERC continue it’s mission!

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14 November 2016

Support BERC during this year’s Big Give campaign, 11/17

BERC is a huge part of the Berkeley experience for those of us who get involved while at school. We want to continue to create a community that is memorable and that forms ties that last long after leaving Berkeley, that is what the “BERC effect” means for us.

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7 October 2016

Early Stage Cleantech Funding – If VCs won’t do it, who will?

In the past year, Venture capital (VC) funding for early-stage cleantech companies seems to have mostly dried up. The good news is that other cleantech investors are stepping up to fill the void- including UC Berkeley through the Cleantech University Prize.

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17 March 2016

Meet the 2016 C2M Projects!

Cleantech to Market offers extraordinary projects for our 2016 Fall course. Learn about cutting-edge tech in batteries, wave energy, geothermal, green chemistry, gas sensing, energy efficiency, rapid prototyping, and more! Thursday, April 7, 12:30-2p in the Innovation Lab…with pizza!

17 March 2016

Join The Haas Africa Business Forum

Africa is expected to move from 35% to 85% electrification over the next 25 years. Join us and a phenomenal lineup of speakers as we examine the business opportunities that are unlocked as more and more Africans plug in. Find out more on April 23!

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3 March 2016

BERC Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary

In the last 10 years, the Berkeley Energy & Resources Collaborative (BERC) has grown immensely and created a thriving community of interdisciplinary students tackling the world’s most pressing energy and resource challenges. To commemorate it’s 10th anniversary BERC produced a video that summarizes what past and current BERC leaders are thinking about. How will you shape the next 10 years of the energy and resource industries?