C2M Helped Launch an ARPA-E Project!

Did you know that Cleantech to Market (C2M) helps launch all kinds of low-carbon energy projects?  After a century of “progress” we are already over the atmospheric CO2 goal of 350 ppm.  In fact, we are over 390 ppm and climbing.   That’s Foundry-small-222x300why C2M works across the entire carbon cycle and helps find paths to market for new climate change-related innovations from UC Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab).  In fact, C2M maps directly to Berkeley Lab’s Carbon Cycle 2.0 initiative, with course projects including energy efficiency, solar PV, developing world technologies, energy storage, artificial photosynthesis, biofuels, carbon capture and sequestration, and more.

Because there are many “valleys of death” along the path from lab to market, C2M jumps in and helps with many types of path finding. Alphabet Energy and Imprint Energy resulted in starting a company.  With a Berkeley Lab smart window technology, the path involved first receiving a Berkeley Lab Innovation Grant and then, late last year, a large ARPA-E grant.  (For more information, see the Lab’s press release on two new ARPA-E projects.)  ARPA-E awarded $3 million to the “Low Cost Solution Processed Universal Smart Window Coatings” project, which is a collaborative effort between Delia Milliron’s research group at the Molecular Foundry and scientists in Berkeley Lab’s Environmental Energy Technologies Division (EETD), in partnership with Heliotrope Technologies.


Milliron’s research at the Molecular Foundry aims to develop a new electrochromic window coating technology that can respond to changing weather conditions by regulating the amounts of visible light and heat permitted to enter a building, dramatically reducing energy usage. Electrochromics currently on the market lack this flexibility and are prohibitively expensive. This project promises to address both of these issues, resulting in a new window that is scalable for manufacturing and affordable enough to stimulate widespread adoption.

C2M is proud to help identify many types of paths to market.  If you would like to join our eight exciting new projects this year, just fill out our on-line application.  Graduate students from across UC Berkeley, including business, engineering, science, law, policy, ERG and more may apply.  This year, C2M’s projects include two more ARPA-E projects and two new companies.  Check out all eight projects on C2M’s website.

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Bev Alexander and Brian Steel, Co-Directors, Cleantech to Market