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17 April 2013

Cleantech to Market is now forming teams for fall 2013

C2M discovers and improves pathways to market for climate change-related technologies while training innovative energy leaders.

17 April 2013

The Arcane Craft of Managing Viewsheds for Renewable Energy

Projects that have a large visual impact tend to draw opposition from those who live nearby, claiming that the project will be an eyesore.

17 April 2013

Chinese solar company bankruptcy caused by side deals and fraud, not just low prices

On March 20th, Wuxi Suntech, the main operating subsidiary of the world’s largest solar manufacturing company, Suntech Power Holdings, declared bankruptcy.

10 April 2013

BERCShop: The Distributed Energy Revolution

The energy supply industry is witnessing a transformation with the rise of renewable energy technology and distributed energy generation. What barriers must be overcome to make distributed energy the major form of energy generation?

urban water
10 April 2013

A look back at Resources Roundtable

Did you miss the Resources Roundtable: The Future of Urban Water? If so, you are in luck!

stephen chu talking
10 April 2013

Keynote and Q&A with Steve Chu on April 24th

Join Secretary of Energy Steve Chu and other energy luminaries for this half-day student-centered forum on energy and climate issues.

10 April 2013

Innovation Challenge for Green Building Products: $250,000 Prize

The Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute and Make it Right announce the Product Innovation Challenge, a competition to identify greener building products for affordable homes.

10 April 2013

‘Chasing Ice’ inspires action with visuals and a personal hero

*Free screening* of the climate change action-inspiring documentary “Chasing Ice” on the UC Berkeley campus next Tuesday, April 16. Read a review here!