3 December 2013

Bplan/FLoW energy startup happy hour + Cleantech to Markets Symposium

Berkeley provides a wealth of resources for the aspiring cleantech entrepreneur, from the Cleantech to Market class to the SkyDeck Accelerator. Representatives from two other great resources for cleantech entrepreneurs — the Bplan and the FLoW startup contests — will be hosting a mixer this Wednesday from 6-8 PM at the Energy Institute at Haas (sign up here! If you have ever wanted to join […]

3 December 2013

BERC Event: Clean Tech Investing panel, Dec. 5th

Join us for a panel at PARC in Palo Alto, “Clean Tech Investing: Emerging Trends – New Strategies”

symposium presentation
2 December 2013

C2M Course finishes up with Symposium

Join us December 6th as C2M hosts a professional symposium to showcase the technologies and the teams’ findings from this year’s course.

25 November 2013

Duke Energy pleads guilty over eagle deaths at wind farm

The fine levied against the energy company over some 160 bird deaths at its Wyoming wind farms reveals the ambiguity of current policy regulating eagles and wind farms.

25 November 2013

Utilities Fight Against Solar Net Metering

As solar photovoltaic systems have become more affordable, utilities are now seeing significant impacts from increasing amount of their customers utilizing solar Net Energy Metering (“NEM”) systems.

24 November 2013

Students tackle climate change in neighboring Richmond

Residents of Richmond, Calif., on the northeastern edge of San Francisco Bay, expect climate change to present their city with major challenges. For help meeting these challenges, the city is turning to planning students at UC Berkeley.

Black Gold
22 November 2013

The Black Gold

Global installations of renewable energy technologies continue to increase. A recent study of the International Energy Agency (IEA) indicates that despite the continued growth of renewables, oil and gas will continue to dominate the energy future. The IEA published six energy trends that will shape the future of energy industry, all of which involved fossil fuels.

Green Guide: GreenPeace International's multidimensional guide for green electronics. Source:
19 November 2013

OP-ED: Electronic Exploitation: The Hidden Cost of the Electronics Boom

Where does your cell phone come from? How about your computer? Your tablet? What impact does the electronics industry have on the world? Here’s a hint: the answer isn’t pretty.