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27 March 2013

Upcoming Bercshop: Who Owns Your Invention?

Every day, Berkeley research scientists are making discoveries with the potential to make a powerful impact on society. In order for these technologies to transition from bench to market, the threshold question is: who owns the invention?

westly group
27 March 2013

The Westly Group Announces New $160 Million Cleantech Fund

The Westly Group has raised its second cleantech venture capital fund, which will target revenue-generating high growth companies and start-ups with capital-efficient business models.

27 March 2013

Cleantech Forum Entrepreneur Showcase—Can You Say B2B?

The Cleantech Forum’s Entrepreneur Showcase was a smorgasbord of business-to-business (B2B) companies from all over the cleantech map practicing pitches for their Series A rounds of funding ($3-$7 million).

26 March 2013

Solar Companies and Utilities Spar on Ratepayers at Cleantech Forum SF

Representatives of two solar companies, two utilities, and a smart grid research firm engaged in a heated debate about distributed solar, power storage, and the evolving role of the utility yesterday at Cleantech Forum in San Francisco.

alphabet energy
25 March 2013

Alphabet Energy Announces Student Design Competition for Prizes up to $5,000

We are excited to announce this unique opportunity for students to tackle a critical energy topic, engage with our company, and win prizes of $1,000-$5,000.

25 March 2013

Stanford Energy Club (SEC) presents: “Future Energy”

BERC’s partner from across the bay, Stanford Energy Club (SEC) presents: “Future Energy”, a series of pitch events that connects startups with venture capital and corporate investors in the energy and clean-tech industries.

SunFunder CleanTech

Harnessing Social Energy

SunFunder, a startup whose mission is to provide affordable capital for off-grid solar energy projects in developing countries, claimed at $25,000 prize at last week’s Cleantech Forum in San Francisco.

Image courtesy of EBMUD.
20 March 2013

The Future of Urban Water: BERC Resources Roundtable 2013

BERC’s signature spring event, BERC Resources Roundtable, focused on the sustainable management of this important resource by highlighting the problems and prospects of urban water.