30 October 2012

Friction grows due to labor conditions in Chinese mines in Africa

Recently, Human Rights Watch, the international NGO headquartered in New York City, reported that work conditions at Zambia’s Chinese-owned mines have improved but are still a source of concern and conflict.

30 October 2012

Collaborations between LBNL and China aims to improve the cement industry

Global annual cement production is expected to increase by almost 50% by 2050. The largest share of this growth will mainly take place in newly industrialized countries around Asia, such as China and India.

Test Tubes with small plants
24 October 2012

New Course on Green Chemistry

A project-based course that focuses on the challenges of developing clean energy technologies that can meet society’s need to both reduce the emission of the greenhouse gases responsible for climate change and minimize the impact of harmful chemicals


Energy Subsidies Panelists Agree: There is No Single Formula for Removing the Training Wheels

Experts from across sectors discussed the challenges around ensuring the financial sustainability of renewable energy.

23 October 2012

BERC co-presidents reflect on 2012 Symposium+Expo

The 2012 BERC Symposium and Innovation Expo have drawn to a close, and with them, two of the highlights of the year for BERC.

23 October 2012

Department Spotlight: Mechanical Engineering

As the oldest and broadest engineering discipline, mechanical engineering includes fundamental science and design training that enable its practitioners to address energy-related problems.

22 October 2012

BERC Innovation Expo Showcases Clean Tech Startups and Breakthrough Technologies

Among many impressive entrants from a variety of fields, a Haitian cookstove project took the grand prize.

20 October 2012

DBL’s Pfund Calls For Gen 2 Approach to Clean Energy Growth at Symposium Keynote

It’s time for a Gen 2 approach to clean energy innovation, investment, and policy, according to Nancy Pfund, Founder & Managing Director of San Francisco-based venture capital firm DBL Investors.