11 February 2014

How to track your real-time residential energy usage

Big Data is entering the energy market with innovative energy data collection and visualization tools to enhance residential energy efficiency and create opportunities to save energy.

11 February 2014

Pakistan’s infrastructural and environmental challenges

Pakistani infrastructure has generally failed to keep up with the exploding population of that country. The country is currently struggling with challenges of overpopulation compounded with imminent environmental problems caused by climate change.

11 February 2014

World’s Biggest Wind Turbine Now In Testing Phase

Danish firm Vestas has debuted the world’s largest wind turbine, with 8MW of capacity.

7 February 2014

Electric Cars Go Cross-Country

Range anxiety is a common concern among potential electric car drivers. The infrastructure for re-charging an electric car is not fully developed, which can make longer road trips with electric cars unpleasant. Tesla Motors set out to defy range anxiety with their recent cross-country driving rally from Los Angeles to New York City.

4 February 2014

Leadership Team Sets Agenda for 2014

At the annual leadership retreat last week in Santa Cruz, the 2014 Leadership Team developed BERC’s goals and objectives for the upcoming year.

A Game of Blogs
3 February 2014

A Game of Blogs

A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, a writer creates a thousand stories before his time. When you play the GAME OF BLOGS you can win prizes by building your professional reputation with a better resume, and a portfolio of published work on your interests.

3 February 2014


Three new technologies have surfaced that may revolutionize the car of the future into a lighter, faster, and more sustainable model: natural gas, fuel cells, and carbon fiber.

3 February 2014

CHINA’s 12th Five-year Plan: THREE YEARS DOWN, TWO TO GO

Three years ago, China initiated its 12th Five-Year Plan, which included aggressive goals for economic expansion and environmental protection. Here is a closer on how China has performed as the country enter the fourth year.