SEA-RAE co-founder, Austin Cappon, measures stream flow metrics to gauge viability of hydro energy harvesters.
11 November 2013

BERC Community Team Members win UN Award

UC Berkeley organization, Southeast Asia – Renewable and Adaptive Energy (SEA-RAE), has won a United Nations grant for sustainable energy development.

11 November 2013

Win-Win: Hydropower Plants May Produce More Power and Salmon

According to the Norwegian researchers it is possible to combine the increased levels of water energy production with salmon productivity.

Jonathan Lim in front of the White House, prior to the event
11 November 2013

BERC Team member nominated as a White House Champion of Change

BERC Team member Jonathan Lim (BERC VP of Marketing, Haas MBA Candidate 2014) was recently nominated as a White House “Champion of Change: Veterans Advancing Clean Energy & Climate Security”.

Graphene Supercapacitors
10 November 2013

Storage Wars: Batteries vs. Supercapacitors

Presently, the battery remains the predominant energy storage technology, but the supercapacitor is becoming a promising energy storage device that may challenge the battery’s dominant position.

4 November 2013

The Human-Energy Nexus: Putting People in the Energy Conversation

The Ghanaian government has prioritized universal electricity access by 2020 as one of its top goals.

devil water
4 November 2013

When we drink the devil’s water

At the Philomathia Forum last Friday, Sally Thompson, Assistant Professor of UC Berkeley’s Environmental Engineering program, presented on the Arkvathy River in South India, whose flow has declined since the 1970s and has now run dry in many areas; similar to the Colorado.

4 November 2013

BERC trip to Calpine combined cycle plant

It’s time for the last BERC field trip of the year! BERC members will visit a fossil fuel energy power plant, the combined cycle Russell City Energy Center Nov 22nd.

4 November 2013

2014 Co-President Applications Are In!

Applications for the 2014 co-presidents are in. We invite our community to share thoughts on the candidate platforms!