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18 February 2014

SEED Elementary Program: A Call to Join

Make a difference by becoming a science teacher through SEED. Two SEED volunteers share their experiences teaching 4th and 5th graders about energy and resource topics.

18 February 2014

Tunneling Field Effect Transistors: Beyond Moore’s Law

At last week’s BERC-E meeting, we discussed tunneling field effect transistors (TFET). TFETs have the potential to increase the speed of computing while reducing their power output. Data centers consume ~2% of the energy in the US, and the rise of Big Data will make computing important in the future of energy.

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13 February 2014

Cleantech to Market Technology Application Due Feb 14th!

C2M Technology Applications are due by midnight, February 14th!

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13 February 2014

Vote for the Next Big Tech Idea!

Join three judges to vote on technology pitches from five Berkeley Lab Scientists – Feb 24.

11 February 2014

BERCShop: Closing the Carbon Cycle

Learn about the “carbon negative” industry at the first 2014 BERCshop! A renowned group of academics and business leaders will discuss emerging technologies, business models, and the actions required to deploy carbon negative solutions at the scale needed to avert climate change.

11 February 2014

How to revitalize innovation in the solar photovoltaic manufacturing sector

Policies on the national level could adopt a more holistic approach and utilize the reinforcing dynamics among market, manufacturing, innovation, and cost, for a sustainable and innovative global PV industry.

11 February 2014

How to track your real-time residential energy usage

Big Data is entering the energy market with innovative energy data collection and visualization tools to enhance residential energy efficiency and create opportunities to save energy.

11 February 2014

Pakistan’s infrastructural and environmental challenges

Pakistani infrastructure has generally failed to keep up with the exploding population of that country. The country is currently struggling with challenges of overpopulation compounded with imminent environmental problems caused by climate change.