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27 May 2014

Job Opportunities at the CEC!

The CEC has multiple openings throughout its various divisions – Apply now!

5 May 2014

Developing World project from C2M

Given the high level of interest in developing world projects this year, Cleantech to Market (C2M) has added a new project, Modular roofing tiles, involving both a partnership with UC Berkeley’s Development Impact Lab as well as a new startup in India called Re-Materials.

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2 May 2014


… this Thurs, May 8. Haas students enrolled in C2M must submit and/or update their project preferences by Mon, May 5 (email to Bev/Brian). Graduate students outside Haas must apply no later than May 5 to be included in this round (applications will continue through the summer for any remaining openings). For project updates, click on the title above to see slides from the April 30 info session.


Pollution travels overseas? Global pollution and its future

Is China not only exporting cheap goods, but also overseas pollution to United States?

2014-04-12 16.23.41-1
29 April 2014

Food bikes: a low capital, low footprint alternative to food trucks

The Food Bikery seeks to prove that food bikes are a safe, legal, low-capital, and low-footprint alternative to food trucks.

29 April 2014

The Next 20 Years of the Energy Charter Treaty

Bennett Resnik, a law student at Vermont Law School, provides a legal analysis of the Energy Charter Treaty’s function as a mechanism for settling disputes in the global energy marketplace.

29 April 2014

Recap of the South Asian Energy and Environment Nexus BERCshop

Nikhil Gargeya reflects on the South Asian Energy and Environment BERCshop on April 14th.

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28 April 2014

C2M Project Info Session

This Wed, April 30, 5-6 pm, Haas C110 (pizza will be served). WHO SHOULD ATTEND: All Haas students enrolled in C2M and students outside Haas interested in C2M. Please attend even if you submitted your project preferences! So far, initial preferences are clustering 3:1 on a couple of projects. In past years, a deeper understanding of the technologies has naturally spread interest out across the various projects.