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22 April 2014

BERC Resource Roundtable 2014: A Perpetual Drought

From the first panel in BERC Resources Roundtable 2014, we learned that there is not a direct linkage between water demand and population growth. If managed carefully, slow and strategic growth can coincide with even a decline in water demand.

22 April 2014

BERC Resource Roundtable 2014: Regional Drought, Local Impacts

The second panel of the BERC Resources Roundtable 2014 focused on how the California drought is affecting communities, consumers and business on a local level. The panel, moderated by UC Berkeley Professor Isha Ray, featured representatives from the public sector as well as the private sector.

15 April 2014

Spring BERC is Here

Spring BERC has finally arrived. The BERC Resources Roundtable and Cleanweb Hackathon 2.0 are coming up this week. Bring your energy and resourcefulness to these great events.

14 April 2014

China’s State Grid Boosting Air Quality Efforts

The vast network of coal power plants in Northern China were largely blamed for the severe air pollution in the region. Gao Li, the vice director of State Grid Construction Department, has promoted the Ultra High Voltage (UHV) transmission system as a mid-term solution to China’s current air pollution.

14 April 2014

American Jobs Project Summer Internship

UC Berkeley is now launching the American Jobs Project (AJP). AJP is looking for motivated graduate students to provide 10 key states with innovative policy solutions to create clean energy economic clusters in order to create high-wage jobs .

c2m logo
10 April 2014

C2M now accepting applications from outside Haas

Haas MBAs: Be prepared to bid into the course next week! Grad students from science, engineering, law, policy, ERG (and more) apply through the website.

California Drought 2
8 April 2014

In the midst of dry

This year the Resources Roundtable brings together thought leaders, climate scientists, water managers, rights activists and businesses to engage in focused discussions on the topic “California in Drought: Challenges and Opportunities.”

7 April 2014

BERCShop: South Asian Energy and Environment Nexus

Come learn about recent energy and environment research concerning these ongoing changes in South Asia! This event brings together three speakers with unique backgrounds and experiences to give us a glimpse of the multifaceted energy trends in the subcontinent.