New Interior Secretary Jewell Won’t Rock the Energy Boat

Amidst the second-term reshuffling of his cabinet, President Obama’s new Secretary of the Interior, Sally Jewell, is of particular interest to energy watchers.

24 April 2013

Clean Energy Education & Empowerment Awards

The U.S. Department of Energy and the MIT Energy Initiative (MITEI) have partnered to implement a U.S. Clean Energy Education and Empowerment (C3E) program, an effort to advance the careers and leadership of women in the field of clean energy.

23 April 2013

BERC Hosts Alumni Event

On April 18, seven generations of BERC Leadership Team members connected over food, drink, and the beautiful San Francisco bay for an evening of conviviality and shop talk at Sens Restaurant.

Solar screen
17 April 2013

see the world’s first piloted Solar powered plane

SolarImpulse has partnered with BERC to bring you a panel, Q&A, and networking session on April 17th, on the UC Berkeley Campus, and a in-hangar viewing and discussion of the SolarImpulse plane/project at Moffet Airfield, on April 19th


Brewing costs: the impacts of coffee production

Our duty as coffee drinkers is to be aware of what goes into our cups and to support the efforts of the progressive organizations fighting on behalf of small producers everywhere.

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17 April 2013

Cleantech to Market is now forming teams for fall 2013

C2M discovers and improves pathways to market for climate change-related technologies while training innovative energy leaders.

17 April 2013

The Arcane Craft of Managing Viewsheds for Renewable Energy

Projects that have a large visual impact tend to draw opposition from those who live nearby, claiming that the project will be an eyesore.

17 April 2013

Chinese solar company bankruptcy caused by side deals and fraud, not just low prices

On March 20th, Wuxi Suntech, the main operating subsidiary of the world’s largest solar manufacturing company, Suntech Power Holdings, declared bankruptcy.