20 November 2014

Caltech FLoW’s Alumni Successes Show Financings, Acquisitions

To date, FLoW alums have raised over $15 million in investment. FLoW helped launch over 29, still-active companies. Find Out More.

19 November 2014

Vaca Muerta, Vaca Viva – Argentina’s Shale Story

Vaca Muerta is a shale formation the size of Belgium in the Argentinean Patagonia. According to EIA estimates, Argentina possesses the world’s second largest shale gas reserves and the world’s fourth largest shale oil reserves, which alone could support the country’s energy demand for over 150 years.

19 November 2014

BERC Elections Thursday!

Come out Thursday night to hear from all of the candidates, and then all BERC members are welcome to vote to elect the team that will lead BERC to even greater heights in 2015! 

12 November 2014

BERCShop: The Materials Genome Initiative

By computing properties of all known materials, the Materials Project aims to remove guesswork from materials design in a variety of applications. RSVP here to learn more from the founders of the Materials Project Gerd Ceder from MIT and Kristin Persson from LBNL on Monday, November 24th at 6pm in Haas C325.

12 November 2014

Atacama – The Sun of Chilean Energy

Chile’s Atacama desert provides some of the best natural conditions in the world for solar power. Chile has supplemented the favorable natural conditions for solar power with encouraging market conditions for utility scale solar projects, leading to the largest solar plant in Latin America.

12 November 2014

US-China Climate Deal

Yesterday China and the United States, the world’s two largest economies and greenhouse gas emitters, reached an international climate agreement to curb greenhouse gas emissions.

11 November 2014

BERC Elections Next Week!

Get excited for BERC Elections! See this post for more background on the positions available, as well as deadlines and dates you need to know.

5 November 2014

BERC Election Events

BERC elections are coming up! If you are thinking about becoming part of the leadership team, come to one of our events this week.
1. BERC Elections Information Session – 11/6
2. BERC Elections – Happy Hour – 11/6