28 April 2016

Has time varying pricing changed consumer behavior in Spain?

Does time-varying pricing significantly increase the efficiency of the decisions that consumers are making? That is, do consumers that currently pay flat rates behave very differently if they faced volatile hourly varying prices? A look at Spain’s solar market may help answer those interesting questions

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28 April 2016

BERCshop: Global Energy Trends and Developing a Career in Solar

Last Monday, April 19, BERC hosted Adam James from SolarCity and the Clean Energy Leadership Institute. Adam discussed the opportunities and challenges of developing energy solutions internationally.

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28 April 2016

BERC Happy Hour Blowout Monday 5/2

Join us for an end of the semester celebration at the last BERC student happy hour of the year! This will be a blowout for drinks, food and BERC swag. Join the fun from 6pm-8pm, Monday May 2nd at the Faculty Club.

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25 April 2016

Graduate student applications for C2M’s 2016 course due this week!

Click here to check out the extraordinary startups in Cleantech to Market’s fall 2016 course. It’s the strongest combination of technologies & team leads in C2M history!

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20 April 2016

2015 – How important was the year for Renewable Energy?

2015 was a breakout for the Renewable energy industry, with the investments and capacity addition surpassing previous records despite falling oil, gas, and coal prices. Here are some of key figures and highlights about renewable energy in 2015, covered in a UNEP report.

20 April 2016

BERCShop: China’s Carbon Market and Lessons Learned from California

As the world’s largest greenhouse gas emitter, China has an important role in reducing the effects of global climate change. China believes that having an effective national carbon trading system may significantly mitigate its carbon production to meet the country’s climate goals.

19 April 2016

Will community solar be the next rooftop solar?

Green power has traditionally been a product that consumers have paid a premium for above their basic utility rates. With the emergence of rooftop solar and now community solar – and in step with those sector’s available subsidies – consumers are now purchasing green power at a discount to utility rates.

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13 April 2016

BERC’s 6th Annual Alumni Reunion

Join us for the 6th Annual BERC Alumni Reunion celebrating BERC’s 10 year anniversary! Come hear about the current initiatives for Berkeley’s largest student led organization, and celebrate how far BERC has come in the last decade. The reunion will be at 6pm Thursday, April 28, Sens Restaurant, San Francisco.