25 February 2015

How To Build A Microgrid

Microgrids, self-sufficient energy systems that can operate independently from the larger grid have been receiving more and more attention due to its capability to address energy access challenges, especially in remote rural regions where grid development can be both economically and technically challenging.

wind plant in Gansu
25 February 2015

Energy Access in Developing Parts of China

Northwest China’s uneven and hilly landscape makes the traditional grid system difficult to implement. But by taking advantage of the region’s distinct geological features, hydro, solar and wind power have become three major clean energy sources in northwestern area.

24 February 2015

Want People to Conserve Electricity? Tell Them About Pollution-Induced Asthma

This week, BERC-e, BERC’s engineering and science community, discussed a provocative article recently published in PNAS. The study raises intriguing questions about how best to encourage energy conservation by behavior change.

23 February 2015

Carbon Removal: What the National Academy of Sciences says about this emerging field

Recently, the National Academy of Sciences released a comprehensive study dedicated to carbon dioxide removal (“CDR”). The report takes important steps towards reducing barriers for CDR to enter the mainstream climate change conversation.

member spotlight
22 February 2015

BERC Member Spotlight: Dan Sanchez

This week we’re shining the spotlight on BERC’s 2014 Co-President, Dan Sanchez!

18 February 2015

Tiny House in My Backyard: The THIMBY Project

Affordable, sustainable housing is an emerging market in the U.S. that needs more development and prototypes. The THIMBY project is an interdisciplinary collaboration of UC Berkeley students designing and building a zero net energy tiny (<400 ft2) house for the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) Tiny House Competition.

member spotlight
16 February 2015

BERC Member Spotlight: Natalie van Doorn

This week, we’re shining the spotlight on former BERC member and current UC Davis postdoctoral researcher Natalie van Doorn!

15 February 2015

Ten Cool Technologies at ARPA-E

From this week’s annual ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit, here are ten example ARPA-E projects, at various stages of development, that could make an impact in transitioning to an alternative energy future.