24 September 2014

Brazil’s Unique Energy Matrix

In the near future Brazil will remain South America’s economic engine as can be seen by the country’s current economic surges. Many of Brazil’s recent economic successes have been closely related to energy developments, as well as the country’s unique energy infrastructure.

23 September 2014

Why I’m excited about the BERC Energy Summit

Noah Deich, co-chair of the BERC Energy Summit, tells us why he is so excited about the upcoming conference.

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19 September 2014

Disruptive Energy Discussion to Kick off Fall Peterson Series, Sept. 30

The Peterson Series, the Center for Responsible Business’ flagship speaker series, kicks off Sept. 30 at Haas with a session on The Role of Social Responsibility in Disruptive Innovation.

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16 September 2014

Clean Tech 0 vs. Carbon 1

Even though clean energy technologies have experienced substantial and rapid growth in recent years, their combined efforts were not enough to prevent the largest single-year increase of atmospheric CO2 release in 2013.

16 September 2014

Universal Energy Access – Let There Be Light

On October 17, leaders from private sector, academic, and non-profit institutions will convene at the BERC Energy Summit to discuss the importance of cross-organizational collaboration in effecting positive changes in energy access.

UT Energy CLub
16 September 2014

2015 UT Energy Week Energy Technology Open Competition

The UT Energy Week is the largest energy event at the University of Texas- an institution conducting more energy research than any other university in the country. The cross-disciplinary conference explores developments in technology, markets, policy, and research.

Energy Institute at Haas
16 September 2014

Want to Schedule Your Electricity Use to Reduce Pollution? Here’s How

Some of us occasionally feel the urge to turn off the kitchen/porch/office light as our small step towards addressing global climate change. A Berkeley PhD student – Gavin McCormick – has started a nonprofit to provide information on exactly how our actions impact pollution.

10 September 2014

Distributed Energy Generation Is Coming

A recent market analysis indicates that the revenue distributed generation of energy should exceed $182 billion by 2023, which will significantly challenge the position of traditional utilities in the energy system.