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Transportation: Land of Cleantech Opportunity

Over 95% of the 1 billion cars in the world are parked at any given time and 95% of the energy consumed by a car is spent on moving the vehicle forward, not the person it is transporting. The many shortcomings of the modern transportation that have left tremendous opportunities for innovative cleantech solutions to truly revolutionize the system.

24 March 2015

Carbon Negative Cement: Turning a Climate Liability into an Asset

BERC-E (BERC Engineers) met this week to discuss a topic lying truly at the heart of engineering: cement. Although usually not associated with climate change, cement production is responsible for 5% of global, human-caused annual CO2 emissions.

24 March 2015

Is the cleantech-as-a-service movement leaving some technologies behind?

The growing emphasis on the “tech” portion of “cleantech” has not caught on for all clean technologies. For example, carbon sequestration businesses were conspicuously absent from this year’s Cleantech Forum, which wrapped up earlier last week.

member spotlight
24 March 2015

BERC Member Spotlight: Rami Ariss

This week, we’re shining the spotlight on former Marketing Chair Rami Ariss!

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20 March 2015

C2M Information Session for Fall Course

C2M is hosting an information session on Tues, March 31, from 5-6 pm in Haas C125 (pizza will be served). Who should attend: All grad students interested in the Fall C2M course.

18 March 2015

The Rise of Micro-Grid Start-Ups

The process of integrating various types of complex technological products into a larger microgrid system remains one of the largest economic bottlenecks in the deployment of microgrids. New microgrid start-up companies have realized the opportunity presented by this integration challenge and have started to vertically integrate microgrid development to create a more appealing business model.


“Carbon-removing” gas stations: the future of transportation?

Over the past several decades, gas stations have remained largely immune to the disruption that has radically altered other industries. But as climate change continues to increase, the imperative for innovation at the pump will start to increase significantly.

mutant carrot
17 March 2015

Ugly is beautiful (and nutritious, too!)

The unrealistic cosmetic standards we expect from produce may not result in low veggie self-esteem, but they do have severe negative impacts on our food system and precious resources: about 20%-40% of food is wasted due to the aesthetic standards of food retailers.