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New Delhi Electric Wires by Matthew L Stevens
9 December 2013

The Right to Steal Electricity

Power in urban centers can become a tangled mess due to stealing of electricity. Is the solution simply to cut off pilferers or do they have the right to steal?

indira gandhi canal
11 November 2013

The Softer Side of Hydro

When we think of hydro, we think of huge ecologically questionable projects. But does hydro have a “soft” side?

devil water
4 November 2013

When we drink the devil’s water

At the Philomathia Forum last Friday, Sally Thompson, Assistant Professor of UC Berkeley’s Environmental Engineering program, presented on the Arkvathy River in South India, whose flow has declined since the 1970s and has now run dry in many areas; similar to the Colorado.

Do you know where your water comes from? Robert and James Redford produce a film that helps us connect back to water.
7 October 2013

Redford film puts water back into river

“Where do you think your water comes from? When you drink water from a water fountain here in Berkeley, what river are you drinking?” I attended a water talk recently and the speaker already knew that we wouldn’t have a clue about the answer. Where does our water come from?