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31 July 2017

Tesla and the Model 3

At the beginning of the summer, 30 BERC members had the pleasure of touring the Tesla factory in Fremont. Due to a strict non-disclosure agreement, I cannot include specifics about what we saw. Suffice it to say, Tesla is doing very impressively as an electric car manufacturer. If you follow Tesla to any capacity, you have […]

13 April 2016

BERC-E 4/11: Using theory to predict new energy materials

This week in the BERC Engineering subgroup we took a look at a new paper that goes over some cool examples of when theoretical models successfully predicted new materials as being useful for energy applications before they were experimentally synthesized and measured.

19 April 2015

BERC Lunch Recap: Materials Genome Initative

Last week, BERC kicked off its first BERC Lunch with a session on the role of theoretical sciences in innovating cleantech. A group of BERC members from various academic disciplines met to learn about about the history of the Materials Project and the evolution of the general Materials Genome Initiative.

29 January 2015

The Future of Electric Vehicles in CA

The BERC-E community recently met for the first time in 2015 to talk about the recent progress of California’s Electric Vehicle program.