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12 September 2016


Meet Lana Bosanac, a Molecular Cell Biology postdoc hoping to address society’s most urgent problems.

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28 April 2016

BERC Happy Hour Blowout Monday 5/2

Join us for an end of the semester celebration at the last BERC student happy hour of the year! This will be a blowout for drinks, food and BERC swag. Join the fun from 6pm-8pm, Monday May 2nd at the Faculty Club.

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13 April 2016

BERC’s 6th Annual Alumni Reunion

Join us for the 6th Annual BERC Alumni Reunion celebrating BERC’s 10 year anniversary! Come hear about the current initiatives for Berkeley’s largest student led organization, and celebrate how far BERC has come in the last decade. The reunion will be at 6pm Thursday, April 28, Sens Restaurant, San Francisco.

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6 April 2016

BERC Field Trip to All Power Labs!

Come visit All Power Labs in Berkeley on Friday April 8th! APL will be hosting BERC for an intimate tour from 4-5pm, followed by an informal chat and presentation over cold beer and hot pizza, baked in a biomass-powered electric oven running off one of their Power Pallets during their Open House from 5-7pm.

17 March 2016

US & Canada Announce Methane Emissions Deal

During Justin Trudeau’s official visit to Washington last week, the Canadian Prime Minister and US President Barack Obama announced a collaborative deal to methane emission in the US and Canada.

17 March 2016

Join The Haas Africa Business Forum

Africa is expected to move from 35% to 85% electrification over the next 25 years. Join us and a phenomenal lineup of speakers as we examine the business opportunities that are unlocked as more and more Africans plug in. Find out more on April 23!

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17 March 2016

Another Side of California’s Climate Policy

California’s energy policies are often heralded as some of the most progressive in the world. In spite of many of it’s successes in the clean energy field, the state still has to improve significantly on handling the consequences of some of it’s old and new energy policies.

A 25 W home - Source: Clean Energy Ministerial
10 March 2016

Powering A Home With 25 W

If the average North American household consumes ~1,400 W, is it possible to power a household with just 25 W? Find out how researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory are doing more with less.